KITEBOARDING Fuerteventura (Canary Islands) Beginner to Pro “Zero to Hero”

Technical level: Open to all physical intensity

Kitesurfing Courses

Thanks to a team of professionals, we offer a curriculum adapted to your level, with radio assistance into the deep accompanied by a safety boat (Open Water Coaching) and / or in shallow waters (Lagoon kiteboarding session) . We have areas reserved for kitesurfing (Kite Zone) and finally the last generation equipment. You also have the possibility to take private lessons (Private Coach).

  • Certified instructor
  • Support Radio ( Coaching radio )
  • Private 1 Rider/ 1 Coach
  • Semi-Private Coach 2 Riders/ 1 Coach
  • Group Coach 4 Riders/ 1 Coach
  • Wetsuit Supplied
  • Courses in shallow water
  • Courses into the deep accompanied by a safety boat ( Open Water Coaching )
  • Kiteboard & Wakeboard : Board training if we have no wind
  • Free Transfert : We pick you up at your hotel for Free
  • Photos : Free souvenir photos are included in our training.
  • Free Drinks : soft drink are available on all our courses

book-now  KITESURF Beginner 3 H                     150 €

book-now  KITESURF Intermediate 3 H              170 €

Stage Kitesurf :

book-now Stage Découverte Eau 260€
6 H Beach + Water Time   

book-now Stage initiation 390 €  Winter Promo 360€
9 H Beach + Water Time + Water Start

book-now Stage Autonomie 490 €  Winter Promo 440€
12 H Beach + Water Time + Water Time + Water Start 

book-now Stage Autonomie 580 €  Promo 520€    
15 H Beach + Water Time + Water Time + Water Start + Board Rider

Notre programme de formation CBCM se divise en 5 sessions de 3 H pour atteindre une autonomie avec un maximum de 4 élèves pour un moniteur.

Le kitesurf ce pratique à Fuerteventura depuis que le sport a été créé dans les années 90. Il y a une communauté kiter locaux très talentueux et dévoués aux spots du North Shore. Ils représentent une source d’inspiration et d’influence pour les Rider de passage. Les conditions de vent pour le Kite sont du mois d’Avril à Novembre. Bien qu’ il est de bonnes session de vent de Décembre à Mars. 
The sport of kiteboarding has been happening in Fuerteventura since the sport was created in the 90′s. There is a very dedicated and talented local kite community in North Shore. They are a big inspiration and influence for the kite traveler . Wind conditions and Kite Season is during the months of April to November. Some good days of wind can also pop up in December January Feb, or Mars

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